Our passion is for coffee
We will develop and grow by raising standards and taking the time to determine the needs of our customers – not our own.
We will always deliver quality products, cost effective pricing and outstanding attentive service.
We will provide our customers with a complete coffee proposition, which drives their business growth;
we’re nothing like the other brands out there that work hard to secure the initial business then provide lacklustre support.
Our consultative approach ensures each and every customer receives the detailed attention they require;
we provide outstanding quality products and the very best coffee machines. It's not necessarily about having a unique product or service it's about making the whole proposition stand out even in a market filled with similar coffee companies.

Our coffees

Say Coffee roasters control all sourcing and grading of the coffee beans, which means that every batch roasted, will have a consistency that ensures the same taste and flavour profile. To bring you consistently outstanding flavours, we use the very best beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Sumatra, Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala. We are able to provide outstanding flavour experiences covering espresso, light artisan roasts and classic dark roasts.
Signature Espresso
Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Ethiopia Sidamo, Sumatra, Colombia

A perfectly balanced coffee with amazing milk chocolate sweetness, vibrant citrus acidity and a smooth praline finish.
100% Brazil Semi- Washed
A rich full-bodied coffee with a complex balance of arabicas and malty sweetness with toasted almonds, fruity acidity and a smooth chocolate finish.
Brazil, Vietnam Robusta, India Robust
A strong, powerful, full-bodied coffee with deep notes of dark cocoa followed by a long hazelnut finish.
Coffee equipment
We have relationships with the best coffee industry suppliers, so if you are thinking of buying or leasing machines, we can help.
Our consultative approach ensures you’re equipped with the best coffee machine to match your brewing needs and your budget.
Conti Espresso Machines
Conti Espresso Machines nestled from the heart of Monaco in the south of France, have been hand crafting espresso machines since 1957. With their excellent build quality, reliability, good looks, style and flare makes a perfect partnership with Conti.
Our close working relationship with Conti gives us flexibility, trust and confidence in the machines from order to installation.


Commercial coffee machines from WMF are manufactured in Germany. Their extensive range offers the most sturdy and well built bean to cup machines available on the market and produce excellent coffee for small, medium and high volume requirements. With Say Coffee you can choose to purchase a WMF machine and we also have options to lease or rent.
Our long standing partnership with WMF ensures that each machine is installed by a highly qualified and experienced technician who works with us to fine tune the machine to your specific needs and taste.
We offer barista training for all sizes of business – from small artisan shops to shopping malls and company foyers.
We know that brewing and making good coffee takes desire, knowledge, ability and accuracy; we can help your staff grow your sales through outstanding products coupled with top class service.
We tailor our training to your needs depending on the depth of knowledge and service offering required, we always cover the basics of machine operation ensuring outstanding products for your customers, and we’re able to ramp this up to the more advanced subjects of specialist coffees and exciting customer service initiatives.

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